Japan 2013

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DAY ONEMonday – December 09, 2013Sector: Sydney – Kansai (Osaka) via Cairns on Jetstar
Departure time From Sydney Airport at 6 am (JQ 952) to Cairns
Departure time From Cairns Airport at 12:20pm CNS (JQ15) to Kansai International.
Arrival time at 07:10pm
Coach Transfer: Kansai Airport to Kyoto Tower Hotel721-1 Higashi-Shiokojicho, Shichijo-sagaru, KarasumaKyoto Japan Phone: +81 75 361 3211Duration from 09/12/2013 to 12/12/2013 – 3 nights
Breakfast included
DAY TWOTuesdayDecember 10, 2013Kyoto day tour
AM – buy a Kyoto round-trip bus ticket and day tour around the city of Kyoto to visit famous tourist attractions such as the traditional Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji, and the Gion district.
If there is time, visit the modern Tezuka Anime Museum and the International Manga Museum (located at the JR Kyoto station) after lunch.
PM- Catch city bus to visit the Kyomizudera Temple.
Visit to the Omotesando shopping street.
Dinner and return to accommodation.
DAY THREEWednesday December 11, 2013Osaka day tour
Catch bullet train from JR Kyoto Station to JR Shin-Osaka station; Buy a one- day round-trip Osaka train ticket and day tour around the city– visit the old Osaka Castle and attractions in the Minami-nambaarea.
Lunch and dinner at one of the many diners and family restaurants dotted around the city.
Return to Kyoto accommodation.
DAY FOURThursday – December 12, 2013(Use the 7 days rail pass and travel by train.)Duration from 12/12/2013 to 18/12/2013 – 7 daysNew Hiroden Hotel – HiroshimaNew Hiroden14-9 Osuga-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima JapanPhone: +81 82 263 3456 Duration from 12/12/2013 to 14/12/2013 – 2 nights
Breakfast Included————-
AM: Travel on the bullet train via the JR Tokaido Line to Hiroshima (approx. 3 1⁄2 hours of travel). Lunch on the bullet train, or have lunch upon arrival in Hiroshima at the local family diners near the JR Hiroshima station.
PM: Check-in to New Hiroden Hotel (2 nights); Travel by city tram and visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and surrounding area;
Have a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki dinner at Okonomiyaki-mura (Okonomiyaki Village) before returning to accommodation
DAY FIVEFriday – December 13, 2013Miyajima Island
Catch a train then a ferry ride to Miyajima Island. Visit Itsukushima Shrine and the red Otorii gate and the 5-storey pagoda.
Have dinner at the restaurants in JR Hiroshima station, before heading back to accommodation.
DAY SIXSaturday – December 14, 2013Edoya Hotel – Tokyo3-20-3 Yushima,Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034 JapanPhone: +81 3 3833 8751Duration from 14/12/2013 to 17/12/2013 – 3 nights
Breakfast Included————
AM Catch a bullet train via Shin-Osaka to JR Tokyo station, then travel by local train to Ochanomizu station (approx. 5 hours of travel); walk to Hotel Edoya (3 nights) to check-in. If students are hungry by then, we will have lunch at the local diners near the hotel rather than at Akihabara.
PM Travel via local train to Akihabara: Visit the 5-storey anime goods and bookstore Animate, go to a geemu-centaa (“game centre”) for games and sticker photos, trial and/or buy the latest technological goods at Softbank and other technology stores and visit the famous Gundam Café and Anime Café nearby.
DAY SEVENSunday – December 15, 2013Travel by train along the JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku to visit Takeshita-dori and OmotesandoTravel by train to Shibuya to visit Shibuya’s hexagonal crossing; visit the local shopping streets as well as Shibuya 109 building.
 Have dinner at the local restaurants or at Tokyo Station, and return to accommodation.
Monday – December 16, 2013
AM- Travel by train from Ikebukuro via Shinjuku to Mitaka to the Ghibli Museum.
PM-Travel by JR train to Kanda, then catch the Ginza Subway Line to the traditional town of Asakusa – visit street market stores on the way to the Meiji Shrine. Next, travel via subway to the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.
Afterwards, if there is still enough time, travel by local train to visit the famous ‘upper-class’ city of Ginza at night.
DAY NINETuesday – December 17, 2013Morino Lodge – Nagano4692-3 Wadano, Hakuba-mura Kita-azumigun Nagano-ken 399-9301Japan+81 261-85-9098Duration from 17/12/2013 to 21/12/2013 – 4 nights
Breakfast and Dinner Included.-————-
AM- Travel by bullet train to Nagano, then catch a shuttle bus to the Hakuba ski fields (approx. total of 3 hours travelling). Organise ski-hire + ski-lessons.
PM-  TBC as its time dependent. Lunch at accommodation or local family restaurants. Skiers with to start their section of the tour, Non-skiers to start their section of the tour!
DAY TENWednesday  December 18, 2013Skiing
SkiersHakuba – Nagano-       
Togakure Ninpo (the “Ninja House”) Museum entry fee: 500 yen-       Togakushi Shrines entry fees:
FREE-   Visit the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Centre-   Bus travel (to Nagano): 1,800yen 1-way-   Bus travel in Nagano: 2,400 yen round trip-   Bus travel (to Hakuba): 1,800yen 1-way
DAY ELEVENThursday  December 19, 2013SkiingNo-SkiersHakuba – Yamanouchi-       Visit Yudanaka Onsen Village, the entry point to the Yamanouchi area-       Jigokudani Monkey Park entry fee: 500 yen-       Bus travel (to Nagano): 1,800yen-       Train travel (to Yudanaka): 1,130 yen-       Bus travel (to Jigokudani): 250-       Bus and train travel to Nagano: 3,100yen
DAY TWELVEFriday  December 20, 2013SkiingNo-Skiers-       Matsumoto Castle entry fee: 600 yen-       Visit Nakamachi-dori.-       Train travel (to Matsumoto): 1,100 yen-       Train travel (to Nagano): 1,100 yen
DAY THIRTEENSaturday – December 21, 2013Coach Transfer Hakuba Acommodation – Narita airport
Flight Sector: Narita (Tokyo) – Sydney via Cairns with JetstarDeparture time From Narita Airport at 9:10 pm (JQ 26) to Cairns. Arrive at Cairns Airport at 4:50 am
DAY FOURTEENSunday – December 22, 2013Flight Sector: Narita (Tokyo) – Sydney via CairnsDeparture time From Cairns Airport at 9:25 am (JQ 955) to Sydney. Arrive at Sydney Airport at 1:20 pm