Yes, another Japanese post but I'm fascinated by the country and its people and their approach to their culture.

Found by Danny Choo's excellent site (see RSS below)

"A small team of students who go by the name of Skeletonics set out to make a powered suit that would extend the movement of a humans arms n legs without the aid of any motors. The project took 6 months to complete from conception and this is what they ended up with – a powered suit by the name of Skeletonics -hybrid word from Skeleton and Mechanics.


The whole suit is completely powered by human motion alone and is made from aluminum sheets and pipes. The suit may not look fantastic until you can see what it can do from the video below."


Aliens (as in the film) has a lot to answer to but the concept is amazing given how it could be used. Definitely snaffling this video for use in class in our technology and philosophy unit.

All photos from the Skeletonics team site with the video originally posted on Nico Nico.