K-On!! Season 3 announced

I watched K-On! seasons 1 and 2 during the Christmas break and I have to say, I absolutely loved it (which I was surprised by)

Anyway, found this via somewhere on the web and I did a little happy dance (noting I dont usually blog about Anime)


"Top moeblob manga K-ON! is to resume in the spring, much to the joy of fans.

The announcement comes in the pages of Manga Time Kirara – further details are promised at a later date.

Naturally, with the nature of the ending there are plenty of questions over what form the continuation will take; if it is to be a chronological continuation a “university chronicle” seems the most likely form. Given the dependence on existing characters an “Azunyan inheritance” scenario seems less likely.

The actual motivation behind the restart is not hard to guess at – more material for a third season, most likely."

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