Gachapon….+some other stuff

Gachapon are vending machines that spit out little plastic balls with toys inside. The name comes from the gacha-gacha sound made by the machine when you turn the dial to get your toy.

Cant wait to find and try!!

Happy Birthday to me BTW…..organised my money for Japan but I feel that I may need more and my Wife gave me her blessing to do this!!
Plastic card here I come…dont know the best way to go though.

Spoke to Annie today as I dont feel like I have done a thing for this tour (I havent and Im so slack) but typical of Annie, she said no worries and everything is organised!
Meeting next week (on the 21st) to fill in insurance forms etc+ our shirts will be ready.

Got a new bag for my birthday so things are now falling into place!!

18 days until we fly out!!

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